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The MoGreen story 

Immediate documented improvement

FIRST: (Our timeline)

We began our association in various capacities including partnership with principles of the Portland area NEMT provider community, almost 17 years ago dating back to 2003. 


From TriMet, through Access 2 Care, GridWorks, and now the pending Care Oregon brokerage, we've been here working with NEMT providers.


Our business has grown, in contrast to medicaid brokerages, which have devolved into very poor medicaid fund managers, here within the Portland tri-county region.


On behalf of our clients, we've adapted the "Trust but verify" approach for all brokerage relationships moving forward. 

SECOND: (Collaboration partnerships)


We are proud to have taken part in technological advancements aimed at improving billing processes for the Portland area NEMT providers.
 Ride is a key example for one of our recent collaborative technological successes. We've assisted in augmenting their automated billing portal. This effort greatly benefited, streamlined, and eliminated duplications and other problems for potentially every provider who utilizes the automated upload utility. Our clients find this revamped portal much more efficient.

We anticipate continuing future collaborative efforts, and to develop beneficial relationships, that aid both the at-large local NEMT providers association membership; as well as for our very own devoted clients. 

LASTLY: (Ongoing Support) 


Transitioning to work with us, is very seamless. Just let us know you want us to go to work for you.
We're a phone call or email away. 

Our MGS Program clients have an icon on their desktop to click.


If a problem occurs, they contact us, click the icon and walk us through their problem. We fix the issue, in most all cases, while they're on the phone with us.

We resolve sporadic program related issues quickly. And of course there's no cost for any of our systems support.

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